All PET puppies are sold with AKC limited (non-breeding) registration & neuter/spay contract. No exception !

Pleaes e-mail for current availability.



I'm not a mass producer.  I don't always have puppies on ground when you want one, but I can provide "well bred beautiful healthy puppies" to those who are willing to wait for one.  My breeding stock is show dogs who have been examined & certified by specialists for genetic & non-genetic health issues related to this specific breed.  They are certified by cardiologist, orthopedic, ophthalmologist.  I'm an "AKC BREEDER OF MERIT".  I do make a great effort & invest lots of money to produce quality healthy puppies for myself to continue to show and be competitive in ring. I can't keep them all. I keep the best and offer the rest to other reputable exhibitors or to permanent loving pet homes. Some of my pet puppies are easily show quality.  


If you like to be added to our e-mailing list for "pet puppy notification", please tell us where (City & State) you live & what you are looking for.  All pets are sold with "AKC limited (non-breeding) registration & neuter/spay contract."


For show prospects or quality broods, please send a detailed message with reference. Serious reputable exhibitors only.



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